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Journaling the Journey
w/Jane Latimer, MA

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Free Virtual Workshop
Dec. 30th 6:00pm CST

Free Zoom Registration:

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I'm excited to bring another friend to the stage who has a ton of experience working very closely with psychedelics in a way that I have a lot of respect for. Jane is a Psychedelic Integration Specialist and has written books, hosted retreats, offered training programs, and personal intensive services for the wider psychedelic community.


This is a live virtual event where you can participate and interact with Jane. It's free to sign up and by registering here, you agree to receive Jane's email newsletter, which can be opted out of.


You can get to know Jane a bit more from her Youtube videos. Here's one with OMI's previous guest, Lisa Sherrill speaking to Jane about the role psychedelics play in healing:


Event Details:

Research has now proven that expressive writing supports neuroplasticity, allowing for enhanced well-being, healing and transformation. In this Zoom event, we will explore a variety of journal writing techniques for ongoing integration and preparation. Creative journal writing can enhance a sense of meaning, help us live on-purpose, heal wounds from the past, work through blocks and enhance creative flow. With the help of these journal tools, we will gently but powerfully explore various aspects of ourselves—our relationships, our emotional, creative, instinctual and multi-dimensional worlds.


You will learn how to use your journal to:

• Safely release tension, frustration, anger and other strong emotions.

• Access the subconscious mind and tap into the vast knowledge stored there

• Keep a record for the future of how your life unfolds

• Track cycles, patterns and trends in your life

• Unlock the mysteries of your dreams

• Experiment with creative writing

• Clarify goals and strategies

• Write spontaneously

• Use your journal as a guide and trusted friend


NOTE: All Journaling the Journey events are unique experiences. If you've been to one, don't expect it will be the same. This is a time for us to join together to journal in community and share if we wish.


BRING YOUR JOURNAL, a cup of tea and something to write with.


**And if you like this, consider going in depth with Jane's new 6-hour workshop on Dec. 31st, Soul Vision 2023. Visit Jane's website to get in touch with her about that:


Jane is a Psychedelic Integration Specialist.  She holds a masters degrees in both counseling psychology and art, from Hunter College and Regis University, Her own personal healing path, however, encompassed years of  Alchemical Lightwork, which she now blends with shamanic and psychological practices. She is committed to helping individuals activate their Soul Seed and live their Soul’s destiny. Her background spans areas of transpersonal and humanistic psychology, expressive arts and humanistic psychology, expressive arts and somatic trauma therapies.

She is a psychedelic activist and believes in the power of these medicines, in combination with earth-based technologies and depth psychology to liberate us from the trance of collective trauma and western industrialization.

Her greatest love is to help individuals prepare the human vehicle for their Soul’s authentic courageous expression.

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