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Integration Space at Creators Space New
6:30-8pm on the 4th Wednesday of the Month at Creators Space

Looking for an in-person chance to meet like-minded people also on a psychedelic journey of healing in a space specifically designed to support growth and open-mindedness? Integration Space is the place to, not just talk about psychedelics, but to settle into a mindset that can more easily revisit those special moments. This environment is designed for exactly that.

​Creators Space is the current home of the PSMN and other local organizations, entrepreneurs, and artists that are working towards their most creative selves. It's comfortable and stimulating spaces are prime for psychedelic integration.

This event will offer every attendee the opportunity to tell a story, ask questions, or just enjoy the integrative experience.

​The group will be limited to 12 attendees. This event is FREE and we only suggest a value-based donation if you are able. We take donations with paypal or cash.
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***​The group will be limited to 12 attendees. Secure your spot by sending emailing to receive meeting details.***

​About the Host:
Christopher Gunlock has 15 years experience in LSD, Psilocybin, and DMT integration culminating in active leadership at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota. He studied under mentors and physicians at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Maharishi International University. With his professional experience in education, meditation and integrative medicine, Christopher works as a psychedelic integration consultant through for people that are using altered states of consciousness to integrate their expanded awareness and apply it to chronic health conditions. Christopher also serves as the executive director for the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota where he helps organize gatherings within the psychedelic community locally and abroad.

Below you will find a guide to making Integration Space a safe and beneficial experience for everyone:

1. Purpose of Integration
a. The psychedelic experience can be abstract until we put it into words. Make psychedelic experiences meaningful and find validation by telling the stories and reflecting on their content.
b. Our external lives are shaped by our trauma. Set actionable goals around larger insights from experiences and address possible obstacles along the way.
c. Use the community resources for a better understanding about psychedelics. Reduce harm done by psychedelics by providing information and tools for best practices.

2. Group Guidelines
a. Respect the privacy of personal details shared by all during this event.
b. Emphasize active listening (helping to draw out a person’s line of thought rather than changing course).
c. Be open to the ideas of others, even when they challenge your personal beliefs.
d. This is not a place to arrive on, acquire, or offer controlled-substances.

DISCLAIMER - this event is not a place to seek out illegal drugs, nor a place to sell them. This group is designed as a safe and sober space to help members integrate prior experiences with psychedelics and other methods of inducing non-ordinary states of consciousness. Please respect the privacy involving personal details of others shared during the event. All attendees must adhere to our member guidelines and codes of conduct.