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Hoska Cleansing Ceremony
w/Emilio and Airyn

Saturday May 29th

Sliding-Scale $60-$120
Seating limited to 12
  • Ticket includes an online Preparation and Post-Integration Meeting

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***All new attendees are required to attend a 30-min preparation meeting (multiple dates to choose from on Zoom). You will get a follow up email from Christopher with important safety information. High quality ceremony tobacco is very strong, the cleansing effects can be unpleasant for period of time, more so if you are dealing with a lot of chronic health conditions. Preparation practices leading up to the ceremony will make a big difference in how much you get out of the cleansing effects. ***


Hoska (aka Rapé or Hapé) is an ancient sacrament from South America, and has been used for centuries by different tribes in the Amazon. It is a fine tobacco dust sometimes mixed with other plants, barks or medicinal ashes which, due to its high purifying qualities, is considered one of the master plants with exceptional qualities for cleaning the physical and energetic body.


Emilio and his wife Airyn will be fully supporting this small group ceremony so that each person gets the attention they need throughout the experience (read more about them below). The ceremony will likely take the full 4 hours with time to rest, but depending on each person's unique experience, we will be available to support those who need more time.


This group will be limited to 12 (purchase a ticket to secure your spot). It will be held in the Sanctuary at Creators Space where participants will gather in circle, get to know each other, enjoy traditional icaros songs, sound healing, herbs, and receive the hoska one at a time with personal attention from Emilio and Airyn throughout.


About the Facilitators:


Emilio Sierra and his wife Airyn Gambin Carreño are seekers, artists, and native mestizo of the Mysca people of central Colombia. For almost 20 years they have been making their way as followers of the traditional indigenous medicines of South America with extensive experience in different plant sacraments and their ceremonial use. Through the art of theater,  they focus their practice towards the recovery of the knowledge, traditions and ancestral mythology of these medicines. As seekers and psychonauts they have oriented their learning and practice through contact with different indigenous communities and wise teachers from different cultures. They are guided by the respectful use of coca, tobacco and Yagé (ayahuasca) among others. They have built their own retreat center in the beautiful mountains of Colombia where they are developing their mission to offer master plant ceremonies in ritual settings and accompanying healing processes.

Safety Information:

-All new attendees must come to one of the online preparation meetings.

-All new attendees must fill out a short health questionnaire.

-Please be respectful to the group, if you have symptoms wait to attend the next one. Masks and vax cards will not be not required.

(Further information will be provided to ticket holders)



This will be held in the beautiful Creators Space at 218 7th St E, St. Paul, MN. It's a well-ventilated room with that normally holds 40.


For Sliding-Scale tickets, use the coupon code that meets the value you are able to contribute (shown before you click "Checkout").

Get your tickets at least 24 hours before the start time to complete the intake process.

*70% of ticket sales goes to Emilio & Airyn.

Email with general questions.

Creators Space in The Sanctuary

(The Earth Room and The Ether Lounge)

About the location:

Creators Space is 34,000 sqft of creative potential, offering the public a spacious dining and lounge are next to the Creators Cup Coffee House. For members of Creators Space, there's more than 8 studios for a wide variety of functions. There's a fully functional ceramics studio with 2 kilns and many throwing wheels. There's a large painting studio, photo studio, performance venue and several meeting rooms for events.

When attending as a participant in Open Mind Integration's events, please be respectful not to wander around the member's-only areas unaccompanied (everywhere except the coffee shop and dining area). Ask the coffee shop or main desk for help finding your event or look for signs.

As dictated in the ancient tradition, Emilio will blow the medicine through the participants nose using the traditional tepi applicator. It works at a physical level, cleansing the paranasal sinuses, alleviating sinusitis, rhinitis and headaches, and decongesting respiratory tract, purifies and detoxifies; At a subtle level, it cleanses the energy center associated with the third eye, and helps us balance our emotions, it is a medicine of silence because it allows us to silence the flow of thoughts and make us aware of our physical body while offering us a state of consciousness centered in the here and now, helps us to enter deep meditative processes and provides clarity of thought, opens our mind and offers connection to the higher planes while keeping us in a state of self-awareness. It also helps us to work out our fears and insecurities as well as to release burdens, situations, thoughts or ideas that afflict us. it is important that participants taking part in the ceremony bring a clear and personal intention.

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