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Hapé + Sananga

Tuesday, April 12th

at Creators Space
Sliding-Scale $60-$120 and scholarship opportunities
Seating limited to 12



***All participants must complete a health questionnaire before attending the ceremony (email follow up after ticket purchase). Please try to get your tickets at least 24 hours before the start time.


Stephen has facilitated hundreds of ceremonies over 15 years and was trained by the Sacred Valley Tribe, Shipibo ayahuasca traditions, Apache Shamans, Bwiti iboga practitioners, and various entheogen retreat centers. Your safety is a priority for both Stephen and Christopher.

Both Hapé and Sananga are legal plant sacraments (18+), but are part of the visionary entheogenic traditions of places like the Amazon. They are commonly used to support, prepare for and enhance the psychedelic experience.

This group will be limited to 15 (purchase a ticket to secure your spot). It will be held in the Earth Room at Creators Space where participants will gather in circle, get to know each other, enjoy traditional icaros songs, sound healing, sage, and receive the sacraments one at a time with personal attention from Stephen throughout. Multiple administrations will be made available.

Medicine Information:

Rapé or Hapé is a sacred ancient medicine from South America, and has been used for centuries by different tribes in the amazon. It is a fine tobacco dust sometimes mixed with other plants, barks or medicinal ashes which, due to its high purifying qualities, is considered a master plant with exceptional qualities for cleaning the physical and energetic body. It is applied through the nose and works at a physical level, cleansing the paranasal sinuses, alleviating sinusitis, rhinitis and headaches, and decongesting respiratory tract, purifies and detoxifies; At a subtle level, it cleanses the energy center associated with the third eye, and helps us balance our emotions. It is a medicine of silence because it allows us to silence the flow of thoughts and make us aware of our physical body while offering us a state of consciousness centered in the here and now, helps us to enter deep meditative processes and provides clarity of thought, opens our mind and offers connection to the higher planes while keeping us in a state of self-awareness. It also help us to work out our fears and insecurities as well as to release burdens, situations, thoughts or ideas that afflict us. it is important that participants taking part of the ceremony bring a clear and personal intention.

Sananga is made from the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub. For traditional Amazonian tribes, Sananga is a powerful eye application used to sharpen night vision, aid in overall eye health, anxiety, worry, and depression. This sacred and potent shrub is used for healing physical and spiritual ailments by clearing the mind while gaining a new way of perception and focus.

Applying Sananga is an easy process that entails the client lying down comfortably on their back. We apply four drops to each eye and allow the Sananga to circulate through the eye and throughout the body. There is an invigorating burning sensation in the first few minutes of application that soon settles down with a pleasant endorphin rush, leaving the individual with a sense of profound calmness.

In conjunction with Sananga treatments, we use bio field tuning and brief pressure point body work. The synergistic techniques enhance the experience, opening space within the body, creating better blood flow, while clearing the energy field.

Safety Information:

-No previous experience is needed but a deep respect for the medicine is necessary
-Eat a very light meal or if it is comfortable, fast on the day of the ceremony
-Bring a mat or blanket and small cushion, tissue paper, light snacks, and large bottle of water.
-If you have any special health condition or illness inform us before the ceremony (includes covid symptoms)
(Further information will be provided to ticketholders)

**Please be respectful to the group, if you have symptoms wait to attend the next one. Masks and vax cards will not be not required.


This will be held in the beautiful Creators Space at 218 7th St E, St. Paul, MN on 4/12 10am-2pm. It's a well-ventilated room with that normally holds 40. There are 12 available spots.


For Sliding-Scale tickets, use the coupon code that meets the value you are able to contribute (before you click "Checkout"): 25%-off code "rate25" and 50% off code "rate50" (also seen before checkout).

For those with the financial need, we are holding 2 tickets for full scholarship, please send an email request for opportunities.

Further preparation instructions will be sent to ticketholders before the event. Email Stephen at with questions. Please try to get your tickets at least 24 hours before the start time.

Creators Space in The Sanctuary

(The Earth Room and The Ether Lounge)

About the facilitators:

Stephen Goterch is 15 years into his journey practicing with a variety of plant medicines. It began with his life hitting a wall, physical and mental health deteriorated from chronic stress and a medley of negative coping mechanisms. As soon as he found himself in the rainforests of Peru and Machu Picchu, his life found a new path. Additionally, sound meditation, holistic health/wellness, herbalism, and EMT/firefighting are all apart of Stephen’s education and experience.

​Christopher Gunlock, M.H.S.

I work full time as a psychedelic integration consultant, educator and community organizer. My platform, offers psychedelic preparation and integration services from a harm reduction perspective. I've been exploring and integrating psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, and ketamine for 15 years culminating in active leadership at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota. I hold a Masters in Health Sciences for Integrative Medicine at The George Washington University School of Medicine and a B.S. in Mathematics at the Maharishi International University where I trained in Vedic philosophy, yoga, Ayurveda, education, and transcendental meditation. I’ve also volunteered for the Fireside Psychedelic Peer-Support Line where I was trained on trip sitting methods by seasoned professionals in the field.

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