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Themed Psychedelic Integration Circles


Creators Space or on Zoom
By Donation
New Theme Each Week

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This is a by-donation, 90-min, in-person event at Creators Space or on Zoom (visit Meetup page to see current offerings).

It is advised all attendees respect the theme of the circle so that those attending can expect a certain kind of experience.


We will begin with a statement of intentions and review of the Etiquette Rules. We will share a brief guided meditation together to set the tone of the circle. Then each person will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and share something about the theme. Feedback and comments can be shared before moving on to the next person.

*Your donations for this free event are appreciated (cash donations accepted as well):

Venmo @openmindgunlock



***This is not group therapy. It's an opportunity to tell your story and ask questions. I ask everyone to be open and honest, but you are attending at your own risk. There's no licensing boards or insurance companies dictating what happens here, so please follow the etiquette rules for a healthy experience.***

Etiquette Rules:

1. This not a place for debate or argumentative discussions. If you disagree with something that was said, you can provide your perspective, but not with the goal of changing anyone's mind.


2. These events are not meant to treat or diagnose disease. It is meant to compliment one's psychedelic integration journey.


3. Those attending online circles must have their cameras on and introduce themselves.


4. This is not a place to arrive on, acquire, or offer controlled-substances.


5. There is no guarantee of privacy in this public event, but it is a rule of this group not to share private details about specific people.


About Me:

I work full time as a psychedelic integration coach, educator and community organizer. My platform, offers psychedelic preparation and integration services from a harm reduction perspective. I've been exploring and integrating psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, DMT, Ayahuasca, 5-MeO-DMT, and ketamine for 15 years. I served for 2 years as Executive Director at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota, where I acted as public representative, lead event organizer, media director, and hosted hundreds of hours of integration circles. I also helped lead the Global Psychedelic Society during that time. I hold a Masters in Health Sciences in Integrative Medicine from The George Washington University School of Medicine with coursework in functional medicine, nutrition, metabolomics, mind/body medicine and endocrinology. At Maharishi International University I received my B.S. in Mathematics where I trained in Vedic philosophy, traditional medicine and advanced transcendental meditation. I’ve also completed 1 year of training and volunteering for the Fireside Psychedelic Peer-Support Line.


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