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Kambo Ceremony

Mon. Feb. 6th 10am-2pm
Lake Harriet Spiritual Community
Seating limited to 12

Sliding-Scale $90-$180

Private Treatments and Private Locations Available
Email Christopher
  • Includes health assessment, preparation meeting, preparation guide, an...


***All new participants must complete a health questionnaire before attending the ceremony (email follow up after ticket purchase). You will get a follow up email from both Stephen and Chris with recommendations and possible screening issues. You are also invited to attend a brief zoom call to go over preparation details and answer questions (It's highly recommended all new participants attend).

Kambo is a traditional frog medicine (this is not the same as the psychedelic toad venom). The effects should not be underestimated, though, this medicine has the ability to induce a deep cleanse and purge. Because of this, it is traditionally used in preparation for visionary medicines like ayahuasca.

This group will be limited to 12 for each scheduled ceremony (purchase a ticket to secure your spot). Participants will gather in circle, get to know each other, enjoy traditional icaros songs, sound healing, sage, and receive Kambo one at a time with personal attention from the facilitators. There will also be Hapé and Sananga offered.