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Circle of Words: Indigenous Medicines of South America

Circle of Words Emilio.jpg
Sat. May 14th 2pm
This event will be held
In-Person at Creators Space
AND Virtually on Zoom

I’m very happy to welcome back Emilio and Airyn for a chance to learn about how the ceremonial use of plant medicines such as Yagé (ayahuasca) have transformed their lives in Columbia and how they have learned to serve these medicines under their Taita (master). I met them last year and did a few very successful Hoska ceremonies. They come here to visit family and love being able to share their talents with the local community.


Yagé (ayahuasca) ceremonies are from a deep lineage in tandem with several other plant medicines like Hoska (Rapé /Hapé) and coca. This will be an opportunity to get to know them and their perspective. It will also act as an information session in preparation for Hoska plant medicine ceremonies to be held in the coming weeks with Open Mind Integration.


Location and Virtual Access:

This event will be held in the beautiful Creators Space at 218 7th St E, St. Paul, MN in The Study downstairs (look for signs or ask coffee shop). 


We will also stream the event live on Zoom to watch virtually. Register here:


About Emilio and Airyn:

Emilio Sierra and his wife Airyn Gambin Carreño are seekers, artists, and native mestizo of the Mysca people of central Colombia. For almost 20 years Emilio has been making his way as a follower of the traditional indigenous medicines of South America with extensive experience in different plant medicines and their ceremonial use. Through the art of theater,  he has focused his practice towards the recovery of the knowledge, traditions and ancestral mythology of these medicines. As a seeker and psychonaut he has oriented his learning and practice through contact with different indigenous communities and wise men from different cultures. Using master plants, he has found and initiated his path towards healing, guided by the respectful use of coca, tobacco and Yagé (ayahuasca) among others. He and his wife have built their own retreat center in the beautiful mountains of Columbia while also developing their mission in different spaces where they regularly organize and offer master plant ceremonies in ritual settings and accompanying personal healing processes.

Medicine Info:

Hoska (Rapé /Hapé) is a sacred ancient medicine from South America, and has been used for centuries by different tribes in the amazon. It is a fine tobacco dust sometimes mixed with other plants, barks or medicinal ashes which, due to its high purifying qualities, is considered a master plant with exceptional qualities for cleaning the physical and energetic body. It is applied through the nose and works at a physical level, cleansing the paranasal sinuses, alleviating sinusitis, rhinitis and headaches, and decongesting respiratory tract, purifies and detoxifies; At a subtle level, it cleanses the energy center associated with the third eye, and helps us balance our emotions. It is a medicine of silence because it allows us to silence the flow of thoughts and make us aware of our physical body while offering us a state of consciousness centered in the here and now, helps us to enter deep meditative processes and provides clarity of thought, opens our mind and offers connection to the higher planes while keeping us in a state of self-awareness. It also help us to work out our fears and insecurities as well as to release burdens, situations, thoughts or ideas that afflict us. it is important that participants taking part of the ceremony bring a clear and personal intention.

Hoska (Rapé /Hapé) Ceremony on 5/17:


Christopher will be hosting Emilio and Airyn at Creators Space for an upcoming Hoska (Rapé /Hapé) ceremonies.

Full details here:

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