Amazonian Plant Medicine Info Session w/ Stephen Goterch

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This event is hosted by the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota
In-Person at Creators Space AND Virtual Hybrid Event

We're welcoming Stephen back to share about his years of experience serving the legal amazonian medicines, Kambo, Hapé, and Sananga. You will learn the history, health benefits, and integration with the larger scope of Amazonian medicine traditions.


Stephen has facilitated hundreds of treatments over 15 years and was trained by the Sacred Valley Tribe, Shipibo ayahuasca traditions, Apache Shamans, Bwiti iboga practitioners, and various entheogen retreat centers with a variety of plant medicines. It began with his life hitting a wall, physical and mental health deteriorated from chronic stress and a medley of negative coping mechanisms. As soon as he found himself in the rainforests of Peru and Machu Picchu, his life found a new path. Additionally, sound meditation, holistic health/wellness, herbalism, and EMT/firefighting are all apart of Stephen’s education and experience.


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Location and Virtual Access:

This event will be held in the beautiful Creators Space at 218 7th St E, St. Paul, MN on 4/10 in The Boiler Room downstairs (look for signs or ask coffee shop).


We will also stream the event live on Zoom to watch virtually. Register here:


Medicine Info:

Kambo is a legal practice, this is not the same as the psychedelic frog, so you won't get a visionary entheogenic experience. The benefits should not be underestimated, though, this medicine has the ability to dramatically alter a person for the better. Because of this, it is traditionally used in preparation for visionary medicines like ayahuasca, which Stephen is also trained and practiced in.


No harm or trauma is done to the frogs when collecting their secretion, which is achieved with ethical harvesting. 5% percent of proceeds go to the Matse Tribe of Brazil for the preservations of their land.


Read more about the process and contraindications on Stephen's website:

Hapé + Sananga Ceremony on 4/12


Christopher will be hosting Stephen at Creators Space for an upcoming Hapé + Sananga Ceremony on 4/12.

Full details here:

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