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15 years experience in LSD, Psilocybin, Ketamine

and DMT integration culminating in active

leadership at the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota

Studied under mentors and physicians at

The George Washington University

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Extensive training and practice in Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi International University

Reclaim Your Mind

Change Automatic Thinking:

  1. Excessive Worry/Fear

  2. Self-Sabotage 

  3. Bad Habits

  4. Self-Criticism


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Services with Open Mind Integration are proudly and exclusively considered to be informational, rather than therapeutic.  I am not bound to any licensing limitation or financial investors, there's no governmental oversight as long as I stay within the law. This also means I do not diagnose or treat disease.

Additionally, all matters regarding psychedelic integration herein will never include the illegal trafficking of scheduled substances. The purpose of all psychedelic integration services at Open Mind Integration is to support individuals that have had legal psychedelic experiences or to reduce the potential harm done for people using psychedelics on their own accord. This understanding is vital to all parties involved, so please ask if you have any questions.

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Fill out this form for a free 30-minute consulting call to learn more about my services and expertise. Here are a few examples of issues I commonly see people about:

  • "I'm thinking about having a psychedelic experience but would like more information before trying it."

  • "I've had a psychedelic experience that was very positive, but I'm looking for further benefit from it."

  • "I have a health issue that I believe psychedelics could help with."

  • "I experienced something I don't understand and would like to make it more meaningful."

  • "There was a frightening aspect of my experience I would like to make peace with."

  • "I took psychedelics under poorly planned set and/or setting that resulted in a traumatic outcome."


I like to initiate these services in-person or via secure online video chat only due to the sensitive nature of the conversations and the need for confidentiality. I have a local office for private sessions.

Sliding-scales: Tier 1 50%-off, Tier 2 25%-off, Tier 3 Regular Price.

All fields are optional except for "Email" so that I can get back to you, but please provide as much information as you are comfortable with. 

ALL of your answers here and in any coaching session is



I will never share any of your data without request and will only use your email to send Health Check reports, and occasional newsletters (all of which you can opt out of). I do not support profiting off personal data or long contracts that no one reads.

Chronic health conditions are notoriously overlooked and mistreated in the conventional medical system. The root cause of your symptoms is always buried beneath layers of habits, environmental exposures, and mental obstacles, thus, requires a fully integrated healing approach.

Easier said than done! The HARD truth of chronic illness is that our most challenging problems are rooted in the things we least want to change. It is a challenge, but the reward is profound. This is why the concept of an Open Mind is the driver behind my practice. Here we combine Health Checks, Nutritional Adaptation, Meditation Mechanics with Psychedelic Integration to get the most out of our experiences.

I can't help you find illegal psychedelics and I can't be a sitter until we decriminalize and legalize, but I can help you with preparation and integration.

Open Mind Integration is not for those looking for short-term, unsustainable methods for chronic health issues. The old model of treating symptoms instead of the person is a tragic failure and the world is catching on. Learn Open Mind methods so you don't ever have to rely on quick fixes again.


-Christopher Gunlock

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